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You know goblins right? You also know how hungry they are for gold! Right?! And GROWING their fortune!? ... RIGHT?!

If you enjoy dungeon crawling, side scrolling buggy cameras, diamonds, tables, stone, pizza or taxes, this game is for you!!!


The great goblin king is annoyed of the ridiculous amount of his fortune. As always the heroes are taking all the loot for themselves! Damned! Does he's gonna get the gold by by himself? Of course not... You're gonna do it!

Loot all the rooms and get the treasure back to your greedy king!


VAT : 7.6%

Gold bounciness : 56.34%

Goblins revenue share : 12.3%

For any complaints about score and loot sharing please send mail to chief-accounting@goblins.com


Joystick (We used XOne driver on OSX)
Left stick : Left/Right
Button 0 : Jump
Button 1 : Drop the bag
Button 2 : Action

Start : Reset level

A/D: Left/Right
Space : Jump
"o" : Drop the bag
"i" : Action

Esc : Reset level


Concept art, Illustration, Props

Charline Saucy, Swan Keller

Character design, Animations, UI design

Arthur Bourquin

Sound Design, Music, Sound programming

Raphaël Tuor

Gameplay programming, UI programming

Dan Bourquin

Game Design, Level design

Romane Donnet


Much Gold - Mac 46 MB
Much Gold - Win 44 MB

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